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Hammock: Technique & Syllabus Level 1

This new syllabus is designed for teachers and students who are interested in learning and understanding the connection between aerial and floor movements. It teaches not only aerial skills and tricks, but also how these elements can be seamlessly merged with dance movements on the ground. Our detailed “Step by step” floor & aerial exercises contain all the information required to effectively link movements into sequences: music, counts, starting position, space, tips, and outcomes. This book also provides a variety of support materials, including: descriptions of aerial rigging equipment, important instructions for safety and spotting, lesson examples with time management, and illustrations of essential aerial dance positions. It also contains a glossary of dance terminology. In its unique synthesis of yoga, ballet, contemporary dance, and circus, Aerial Dance for Dancers offers teachers and dancers inclusive access to the resources of this innovative, expressive movement style.


“A powerful novel that unflinchingly examines both the degrading lives of immigrants in the 1800s and the identity crises of modern mixes-race families. Throughout it all, Davies remains sympathetic to his heroes—although they have been all but lost in the flow of history, a deft hand can still pull them into prominence…The brilliance of The Fortunes is not that it expertly dissects Chinese American-ness–or American-ness, for that matter. Davies has conjured a book that forces its readers to find the pressures they face in their own lives, to see how the struggle of self-identity and one’s place in the world is alive in each and every one of us."—Shelf Awareness

“Absorbing."New York Daily News, “7 books to read in September"

“The book is more than the sum of its parts, and Davies (the son of Welsh and Chinese parents) achieves an extraordinary novelistic intimacy against backdrops of historical vibrancy. Moreover, he considers what it means to be identified with, but not now belong to, an ancestral culture one can’t escape or fully embrace — in an immigrant society that promises but doesn’t deliver full racial inclusion." Seattle Times

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Graciela Newsam,

Monica Newsam


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